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Your opinion matters

Because we care about your opinion, we have created a loyalty programme where, once you have registered, you will begin earning points that you can immediately exchange for gifts. Without draws.

Fast and easy

Once you earn enough points for the gift you want, send us an email to from the email account you used for registering and you will receive the coupon for exchanging the gift.


Variety is the spice of life

We have a wide array of gifts and several categories. You can check the full list and the points needed to exchange each gift on our gift catalogue.

Currenty, all users can earn up to 60 points per day and 420 points per week (seven appraisals worth 60 points each) for appraising different companies and establishments. The rest of the appraisals will be considered for the feedback provided to our clients even if the users do not earn points for answering such surveys.

Only one order of 1 item per user was accepted.

Only 1 valuation per user will be accepted in SONDEOS VALORANOS.