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Is this a contest?

No. This is not a contest. For each appraisal you make to an estabislhment, product, or service, you earn points, that you can exchange for any gift from our catalog.

How much does it cost?

It’s free! We only want your opinion to help our client companies improve day by day for you. You just have to register and express yourself.

I am already registered. What do I do now?

Whenever you are at a place that is a part of our platform, or whenever you receive a service from one of our client companies, you have several options to make an appraisal:


  • Look out for the alphanumeric code of the employee or establishment, go on and click on “Make an appraisal” to enter the codes


  • Some times, you will receive an SMS or a Whatsapp message inviting you to express youself, along with a link to the survey


  • If you are in a place offering WiFi that is a part of the valoranos platform, the system will invite you to express your opinion once you are connected to the corporate network of the place


  • Scan the QR code of the employee or establishment


  • Very soon you will be able to download the Valoranos app for iOS or Android to express yourself
I love it! I want gifts. Where can I make appraisals?

You can see here the list of places that are already a part of the Valoranos platform. Your opinion matters.

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