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Flexibility and Power

Valoranos provides a technological platform and creates an ecosystem for listening to your clients’ voice like never before

Benefits of Valoranos for companies

Human Resources

Motivating, evaluating, and training employees for providing a better customer service


Asking the clients about their experience and opinion, in order to continuously improve the business

Market Intelligence

Inquiring the potential clients about a new project before making the investment


Benefiting from the ecosystem: clients come back to earn more points

Why hire the Valoranos platform?

More than 170 establishments are already part of our platform

Opinions expressed by our users in 2015


Of opinions are trusted and real, thanks to our mathematical algorithm


Up to 80% less costly than traditional market research tools

Available languages

Days of feedback per year - Constant tracking, and not by isolated campaigns


Privacy and anonimity: Only you know the details of your appraisals

Unique platform for quality control, market research, human resources motivation, and client base fidelization

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Our clients recommend us

The possibilities of our platform are endless for SMEs and Large Companies alike

“The Valoranos platform is a very important tool for us. It allows to measure the quality of our customer service in a precise, objective, and detailed manner. It easily collects our customers’ opinions.

At Cajasiete, our clients are what matters most, and that is why it is crucial to know what kind of experiences they are having and in which areas we can improve. Normally, this is not easy to detect beyond a specific market research campaign because we have many offices and many clients. Valoranos allows us to reach them all immediatly and constantly, and provides us with detailed data for each office.

I highly recommend the Valoranos platform. It really is a very innovative and valuable tool.”

José Manuel Garrido

Head of Communications, Cajasiete


Clients already give me feedback. Why would I want Valoranos in my company?

On average, very few of the dissatisfied customers express their issues actively. Those who do, tend to use public platforms that negatively affect the image of your company. With Valoranos, only you get to see your clients’ opinions, and you can receive instant alerts when there is a negative appraisal, so that you can immediately address the issue. Additionaly, Valoranos is a much more versatile tool than other feedback platforms, and you become a part of an ecosystem of users and associated companies with our Loyalty Programme

What are the supports?

Users can get to the surveys through either physical or virtual elements, Physical supports are graphic material (posters, cards, acrylic stands) specially devised by our team to invite users to make appraisals. On the other hand, virtual supports do without paper: customised tablets, captive WiFi portals, SMS and Whatsapp, among others

How do rotative questions work?

It is important that users do not get bored or tired when answering surveys. That is why we recommend it does not take more than one minute. For this, it is crucial not to have more than 4 or 5 questions. If there are more issues you want to inquire your customers about, you can have, for instance, 3 fixed questions – that show up for all users -, and several rotative questions that show up randomly. This way, you touch on all the revelant information points you need without long, tiresome surveys.

I want to be a part of Valoranos. What should I do?

Let us know and someone from our team will get in touch for you to become a part of Valoranos. We will love having you.

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