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About Valoranos

and how we are revolutionizing customer service is born from the need of improving customer service levels that all public-facing companies must aim to. One of the main goals is to benefit the company, its employees, and you.

We care for you

Quite often, somebody delivers a great service to us (or, on the contrary, we are not treated as we would like to), and we do not have an easy way to leave our opinion.

Both the company and the employee need to know our opinions, in order to improve and ensure they are doing a good job.

We care for the employee

We believe that having the possibility to be objectively appraised and rewarded by your work is a very positive thing. Claims sheets exist since long time ago, but not “congratulations sheets”. You will know how your services are perceived by your customers, and thus, you will be able to improve.

We care for the companies

Our primary objective is to improve the services delivered by the employees of the company in a quick, convenient and innovative way.

In order to achieve that, we analyze customer appraisals, process the data and send them to the companies.


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